Case Study

Healthcare Industry: Designing the Right “Coverage”

Old Republic Risk Management (ORRM) was approached by the broker for a leading health care service company to address their dissatisfaction with the existing carrier. The company desired large deductible General Liability and Auto Liability policies with some unique coverage forms. As discussions unfolded, the insured also desired some professional liability coverage. The existing carrier was not willing to amend their standard coverage forms to the insured’s satisfaction.

ORRM met with the company and broker to fully discuss the underlying coverage issues. Senior ORRM underwriting personnel drafted coverage forms that would solve the company’s coverage issues and put forth attractive proposal terms for premium and collateral that allowed the company to move their liability policies to ORRM. Subsequent to the insured binding the coverages, additional liability policies were issued to help solve contractual issues for one of the company’s subsidiary companies.

In the end, ORRM helped both the company and broker solve their insurance coverage problems. A prime example of how ORRM listened to the insured’s concerns and delivered a customized solution to fit their needs.

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