Policyholder Service

At Old Republic Risk Management, we strive to exceed insureds’ expectations by providing best-in-class customer service. Our customer service model requires every account to be assigned an account executive and account manager as the primary administrators of all aspects of the account, with the exception of claims-related matters, which are handled through a third-party administrator (TPA) and overseen by our Claim Department.

The face of Old Republic in the marketplace is our account executives. These strategic team members are empowered to make the necessary underwriting decisions and are charged with the long-term retention and profitability of their book of business. Insured’s ready access to these decision makers and our leadership team allows us to react specifically to the unique needs of each insured, with an efficiency seldom matched in our market. We believe this personal touch and relationships are key components of the elevated customer experience.

Supporting each insured is an experienced account manager who acts as the gateway into Old Republic for all implementation-related issues for insureds. They provide brokers and insureds with targeted communications as to what is being done and the anticipated timeframe for completion. Knowing who to call for implementation questions shortens the timeline to resolution.

Your account manager will work closely with a team of individuals in our Brookfield, Wisconsin home office who share this same sense of commitment to making sure the insured’s experience with Old Republic is the best in the industry. Since our founding in the early 1950s, the 'can-do' attitude of our Policy Issuance, Research & Development, Cession Accounting, Statistical Compliance and Rating & Audit Departments have provided insureds a service team focused on meeting their needs.

Each account is also assigned to a claim supervisor who provides advice and counsel on the best strategy for large or complex claims. They also help ensure that the TPAs selected by insureds follow industry protocols in claim reserving and settlement.

Like any team focused on process improvements, we continue to look for ways to improve and streamline our processes. Insureds can be confident that we have done everything possible to resolve their issues. We take great pride in assisting you with not only the simple tasks, but the more complex challenges that your organization may face as well.

Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

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