Case Study

Commercial Manufacturer: Going 'Unbundled'

Old Republic Risk Management was contacted by a broker for a large commercial manufacturer who had a traditional bundled insurance program, where the insurance carrier handled all the claims and risk control services. The insured was dissatisfied with the level of service they were receiving from the incumbent’s claim operation and wanted to seek alternatives in the unbundled marketplace.

The insured interviewed several third-party administrators (TPAs) and decided early-on in the process that they wanted an unbundled insurance carrier where they had the freedom to choose a TPA that best fit their business and operating philosophies. Old Republic was chosen as the carrier due to our extensive experience with a variety of TPAs and straight-forward, responsive approach in the underwriting and quoting process.

Old Republic was able to put forth solutions to the insured and broker that helped facilitate the move to an unbundled insurance program. By leveraging their extensive experience customizing unbundled programs, we were able to tailor a solution that assisted in streamlining the insured’s risk management program.

Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

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