diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Old Republic Risk Management is focused on being an inclusive environment by promoting diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging. We strive to be purposeful in attracting, growing and engaging more diverse talent while giving employees equitable opportunities for career advancement.

The wealth of diversity is reflected in our workforce, marketplace and the communities we serve. Our employees come from a broad range of backgrounds, offer a variety of unique perspectives and form a dynamic community. Fostering an environment where individuals are allowed to be themselves fully, means that our company can innovate in unlimited ways.

"We are committed to being
an inclusive and culturally competent organization. Celebrating our unique backgrounds and embracing our differences is the first step to a more inclusive future."

Diversity Pillars

Our employees' contributions are the key to our success. At Old Republic, we’ve embraced the notion that diversity and inclusion are essential for moving our organization forward. That means we’re committed to providing all of our employees with a supportive and open culture where all are seen and heard. We know that an environment like this enables us to challenge and improve everything we do, making us stronger as a company. Hover over the images below to learn more about each diversity pillar.

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Diversity Pillars

Hover over the images to learn more about each diversity pillar.

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AGE – Focusing on what's important – like my skills and abilities – makes my age unimportant.

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COLOR – There are many colors of the world, my unique shade celebrates my culture and gives me a diverse viewpoint.

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DISABILITY – My abilities are what matters, not my disability.

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GENDER – I don't want special treatment, just the opportunity to prove myself.

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Gender Identity

GENDER IDENTITY – My internal sense of my gender is the identity that gives me the strength to be who I am, it is a source of hope.

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Marriage & Domestic Partnership

MARRIAGE & DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP – Not all families look the same, love sees no boundaries.

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National Origin

NATIONAL ORIGIN – My national origin is a part of who I am, my ethnicity shapes my experiences and gives me a unique perspective.

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Pregnancy & Parenthood

PREGNANCY & PARENTHOOD – Growing my family is as important to me as growing my career.

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RACE – What is race? Whatever your definition, it is a source of strength.

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RELIGION – My religion may not be the same as yours, but our faiths have value.

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Sexual Orientation

Being myself at work is so important to me, it builds trust.

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Social Background

SOCIAL BACKGROUND – Where I come from is important, but so is where I'm going.

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Veteran Status

VETERAN STATUS – My valuable contributions are what matters not my veteran status.

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Old Republic Risk Management Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to maintaining a diverse workplace.

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