Unbundled Claims

With the cost of managing and settling claims as one of the largest insurance-related expenses, Old Republic Risk Management believes that you should have the option to interview and select the third-party administrator (TPA) that is the best match to your own corporate needs.

With our unbundled approach, you have the ability to establish the level of oversight that is important for you to maintain the day-to-day management of your claims. We currently work with over thirty different TPA partners selected by our insureds, ranging from large national firms to smaller regional companies, with each evaluated by Old Republic as to their proficiency in handling claims and ability to transmit claims data back to us.

The array of services offered by a TPA are supported by their relationships with network medical providers, medical case managers, bill review services, various specialty networks, utilization review providers and vendors who handle a variety of compliance functions. For various reasons, an insured’s own experienced Claim Department may provide the best claims handling solution for their liability claims. We will consider a self-administered approach for those insureds meeting our requirements.

We have a staff of experienced claim specialists who provide oversight of the claim process as provided by the selected TPA. We can provide guidance in the case of serious claims and monitor compliance with established service instructions.

Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

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