Since its founding in the early 1950s, Old Republic Risk Management has aimed to be a consistent and predictable participant in the marketplace for large casualty risks in the U.S. and Canada.

All our programs are underwritten to set the insured’s retentions to include the working layer of losses with pricing that is intended to be predictable and sustainable through various market conditions and program collateral requirements that are transparent and reflect the credit risk presented by the insured. All loss control and claim administration services are “unbundled” to a third party vendor of the insured’s choice and in appropriate circumstances, to the insured themselves.

With very few classes of risks we will not entertain, we have the capacity to offer significant risk transfer limits for all lines of casualty insurance, above the insured’s retention.

Commercial Material Industry
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Commercial Equipment Manufacturer
case study Commercial Equipment Manufacturer: Policy Servicing Issues Read the case study

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