When you choose Old Republic Risk Management (ORRM), you partner with a company that delivers on its promises while offering innovative solutions and a long-term commitment to the alternative insurance marketplace. 

Our insureds and brokers expect:

  • Open and transparent relationships
  • Superior service and responsiveness at all levels, including direct access to senior management
  • Cost-effective and stable program terms
  • Accurate and timely policy issuance
  • Flexibility with program design and mechanics

Why do our insureds consistently place and renew their primary casualty programs with us?

  • Stability of Account Executives and the senior management team
  • Timely decision making by experienced Account Executives
  • Consistent, sustainable program terms
  • Best-in-class policyholder service platform created to focus on the unique, individual needs of our insureds.
    • Online access to policies with a full policy refresh as each endorsement is issued
    • Our simpliFORRMSM approach to UM/UIM selection/rejection
  • Flexible, unbundled selection of Third Party Administrators (TPA)
  • Collaborative and transparent collateral process

Our forward thinking, consistent performance and high standards for insured care are just a few reasons we enjoy an excellent reputation in the insurance industry.

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